The art of writing an ethical resume:


Resume writing may seem like a simple affair but it’s really a lot harder than it looks. There are countless things that must be taken care of before you send it to a potential employer. The following points will be a good guideline to help you write a good resume:

1)   Honesty is truly the best policy:

Every resume written is done so in order to tell the reader a little about the person applying for the job. It is safe to assume that anything you put on it will be taken very seriously. For this reason all resumes must first be original and not in any ways falsified or even exaggerated. Most of us may have a habit of promoting our qualities by flaunting them on our resume. This is a good idea if the mentioned qualities are in fact true. Selling them for more than their worth means that you are taking on risks of being questioned about them later on. So make sure you type only authentic material on your resume.

2)   Keep all relevant materials at hand:

In order to prove your authenticity you must be in a position to supply any and all supporting documents when asked. To go about doing this you must first make a list of documents to go with your resume. These may be college mark sheets, school mark sheets and letters of referrals. If you are applying for a position in a different country then you may even be asked to provide official documents to prove your nationality. Whatever the case may be it is advisable to keep a copy of them at hand or as the recent trend goes a copy of them on your computer. This way you will be able to mail your materials to your employer right away.

3)   Only relevant items should be included:

At the end of the day what really matters most of all is the content of your resume. It should be crisp and full of information. The overuse of ambiguous language may put off the reader from understanding the essence of your resume. So make sure you use plenty of headings and sub-headings to highlight your features. Basic details like your name, address, age and contact details should be at the very top of the resume. This should be the first thing the employer notices when he opens your resume. After this you can list out all of your degrees, accomplishments and references from past work experiences, if any. What you must keep in mind while doing so is to ensure that everything you highlight is relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are applying to work at a multinational company functioning abroad then it will do you good to put up a separate heading to inform them about how flexible you are and whether or not you are familiar with different languages and cultures.

If you have good technical skills then you can even opt for better ways to present yourself. A power point presentation or even a video presentation is just a few innovative ways to go about resume writing. These kinds of techniques will show you to be a little different from the other applicants and thereby improve your chances of landing the job. The key to writing a good resume is greatly dependant on what you write, how you write it and also how you follow-up the resume once it reaches the employer. So make sure you look into all of the points mentioned above. These will assist you in writing a good resume that will become your greatest ally against any job uncertainty.

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