How to guarantee your first internship:


No one starts at the top right away. Everyone has to work hard and make their way up the corporate ladder. A strong educational foundation is good but it isn’t a spring that will propel you forward. What will pull you up is your experience. Experience gained by working part time or full time is almost as good as any degree. So how does one go about gaining experience? The answer is quite simple. You need to find a job in your field of study. If your field of interest is Information technology then you will benefit greatly from working at an IT firm. The opportunities are abundant. All you need is the right plan that leads you to your dream job!

The best way to lay the bricks for a successful career is to start early. You can start off from school or you can start during college to get a better idea about the industry and its working. once you have decided on a line of work the next step would be to figure out who the industry heads are and what they are looking for in the employment market. Which company is ready to offer a valuable internship program? Are they ready to accept students with little or no experience at all? What kind of prerequisites you must possess for a position at their firm? All of these questions may burn a hole in your dreams if they are asked together. What you need to do is segregate them so that you can transform them into a plan. The more you plan the more sure you will be about the whole affair.

Not all internships are handed out at the applicant’s convenience. In order to guarantee your first internship you may have to put in more effort. The following points can be of assistance.

a.   Help yourself:

If you’re a fresher out of college or even a student at one you can apply for internships at local firms. As a fresher you may not have a strong say about your pay or even the position you will be working under but you must never lose hope. The work you do during this period will count as past experience for any major position you may apply for in the future. Even if your salary is not as high as you may have hoped to get, rest assured. You will manage to gain valuable experience at these jobs. An key point to keep in mind when applying for an internship on your own is to see to it that all companies you apply to are in sync with your employment goals. Make sure that all deadlines are met well in advance.

b.  Campus recruitments:

Campus recruitments are those that make the journey through college easy. The fact that you will be given a chance at end of your college makes you excited . What is most essential at these kinds of recruitments is to keep track of employment trend. If the internship requires you to maintain an average score at your college then you must do so. Some companies even request that their candidates be familiar with certain additional skills that will add value to their work. For the most part recruiters who approach colleges are not expecting industry experts but rather interns with an open mind and an ability to adapt. To sum up all you need to do to land at your very first internship is to keep your eyes open for opportunities on the horizon and also at the same time build a resume that speaks for itself!

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