ICampuslite in the Light of Collision 2015


Greater people often gather for greatest progress.Collision, the best technology summit on the planet, is going to be held at Downtown Vegas, USA from 5­th and 6th May 2015. We are jubilant to announce that ICampuslite ­ a social collaborative platform for campuses that provides a complete suite of collaboration,learning and workflow management tools, fetched its presence at Collision.

ICampuslite has made its way to Collision, USA for the first­off promotion. It will be exhibited at booth D­259 in Down Square summit on 6th of May, the second day of the event and lets you explore its striking excellence. ICampuslite will distinctly demonstrate its caliber and advanced features which really outperform versatile operations. It will also exhibit its competency and unrivaled utility in the contemporary global scenario.

Here are the charms of ICampuslite:

  • It makes communication the easiest and the fastest through its unique social networking facility which fosters smooth communication between pupils, faculty and administrative staff.
  • It is equipped with Learning Essentials for both the students and teachers, which make a ground for interactive courses of business, IT, creative skills and makes E­learning an effortless process.
  • It is an unequaled platform where students are alerted with latest information on jobs and internships that lead to their successful placements.
  • It facilitates the sharing of knowledge as one can promote the details of events, fests and other relevant occurrences of their interest.
  • It is incorporated with a myriad of automated campus apps like attendance, timetable, tasks, calendaring, assignments and what not to thin all the manual labour and lets the operations happen within no time.
  • It is purely an integrated platform that streamlines campus processes and promotes cohesion among students, parents, teachers and corporates.

Step on to make the best of the latest innovation ICampuslite ­ a single unified platform of multiple operations, a definite smash­hit from campus to corporate level and be wakeful to become aware of the upcoming particulars of ICampuslite, a next generation campus solution, heading its way towards better modus vivendi.

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